As we spend more time indoors, now is a good opportunity to revamp your living space-turned-office. To guide you, here are five interior design trends you can try out this year:


The cottagecore aesthetic started gaining traction in 2020, but interior designers predict that its popularity will continue to carry on well into 2021. With the pandemic depriving us of most outdoor activities, it’s easy to see why. This particular style incorporates a rural countryside aesthetic, with its liberal use of nature-inspired patterns, floral prints, warm accents, and plant ornaments.

House Beautiful also notes that the overarching theme of cottagecore is a yearning for a more idyllic and rural life. It also rejects the current constraints that we are having to inhabit due to lockdown restrictions.

Industrial Styling

Industrial styling is another trend that’s expected to grow in 2021. Decoist lays down the basic elements of the industrial style: it’s bold but stripped back, and makes a statement without relying on too many frills. As such, it highlights bare brick walls, high ceilings, large windows, exposed pipes and ducts, and a neutral colour palette. The look combines traditional and modern design elements, and as such, frequently features wood and metal fixtures.

Aside from being a hassle-free style that’s fairly easy to pull off with good lighting and a few quality pieces of furniture, the industrial style is also environmentally friendly. It makes use of salvaged or recycled materials. And overall, the style evokes an almost factory-esque feel, reflecting our current reality of having to live and work in the same space.

Smart Design

Comfort, security, and multifunctionality are just some of the many benefits provided by smart technology, so it’s no surprise that more homes are using it nowadays. In fact, UK Tech News claims that the global revenue for smart homes is expected to reach roughly £113.6 billion by 2024. Indeed, HomeServe confirms that smart devices are becoming staples in homes across the world — from automatic watering systems and smart thermostats, to kitchen devices and household monitoring.

Fortunately, it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon, as most smart devices can hold their own in terms of style. For instance, smart lighting panels can add a pop of vibrancy to a room, and they come in different colours. Some of them even react to sound, making them a great addition to a games room.

Yellow and Grey

For the second time in 20 years, Pantone has announced two separate shades as Colour of the Year. For 2021, the pairing is ‘Ultimate Grey,’ which represents resilience and steadiness; and ‘Illuminating,’ a bright yellow that symbolises positivity and cheerfulness. The combination, according to the institute, is “a marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.”

There are a number of ways to integrate this palette in your interior design. For one, you can mix and match couch drapes, cushion covers, or curtains to suit the theme. Alternatively, you can check out our post ‘5 Gorgeous Ideas for Grey and Yellow Curtains’, which features designs from floral to simple Scandinavian.


Old is the new new, according to the grandmillennial style, at least.

In a seeming counterpoint to the popular minimalist style, the grandmillennial philosophy is to decorate with your grandmother’s house in mind. That means using embellishments like needlepoint, porcelain, floral patterns, lampshades, tassels, dark-stained furniture, and other similar trappings. Part of the grandmillennial design’s appeal is its affordability; you will likely see the pieces you need at secondhand shops and antique stores. The idea is to add an old-school, nostalgic feel to your living space, inspired by the comforts of the familiar — in this case, your grandparents’ home.


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