Check out the bedroom designs that will keep family and friends comfortable when everyone gets back together.  Plan ahead now, and fitting in the visitors who come to stay will be so much easier.

If the kids need to share, a sleepover under-bed teamed with a sleigh bed makes getting the room ready speedy. The extra bed won’t crowd the room the rest of the time, though, as it stashes neatly away.

For adults, how about opting for an ottoman divan to create comfort in a guest bedroom. With built-in storage in its base, there’s plenty of space to put away the spare bed linen when everyone’s gone home. It’ll make the room look smart and welcoming, too.  Make sure your floors look their best with Porcelain Superstore.

Think clothes storage for dresses and women’s polo shirts and visitors won’t need to live out of their suitcases. Our New England single wardrobe is slim enough for even the tiniest of rooms, and there’s a choice of hanging and drawer combinations so you can select the ideal configuration.

Take a look at our French wardrobe, too. There’s a hanging rail inside as well as shelves, while the surface can accommodate toiletries to avoid a daily scramble through the sponge bag.

Need a place for visitors to put their glad rags and winter essentials when there’s no room for extra furniture? A peg rail or storage peg shelf can be hung on an unused wall, and provides space to hang clothes.

And don’t forget that giving everyone the opportunity for alone time can smooth relations when there’s a houseful. Add in a bedroom chair that makes a quiet moment comfy. Our Bobby chair has compact lines and plenty of charm, or take a look at the classic shape and smart button detail of the Vivianna chair.

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