Stools have become essential kitchen furniture in recent years, especially in kitchens with dining counters and breakfast bars. Adding a set of stools to your kitchen can enhance the functionality of your space. But before you buy yourself a stool, there are a few factors to consider. Read on for some tips for selecting the right stools for your kitchen.

Consider the Height

Kitchen stools typically go under tables, bars, or counters. Each of these has varying heights depending on the design of your space. Standard bars can be up to 42 inches tall, while counters are typically between 34-39 inches tall.


Expectedly, bar stools are taller than counter stools. But you can use either whether you have a counter or bar in your kitchen. The most important thing is to ensure your stool height is properly matched to the counter or bar height. As a general rule, there should be a clearance of about 9″ – 12” between the bottom of your bar or counter and the top of the stool.


There won’t be enough legroom if the stool is too short. Conversely, if the stool is too tall, it’ll be uncomfortable to sit on, especially if the person sitting is short. Mismatched stools will also look disproportionate, and that will affect the overall aesthetic of your space.

Design or Style

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Stools come in an array of designs. Backless stools are the most common. They typically have a round or square-shaped top with no back or armrests. The major allure of this type of stool is that it fits neatly beneath the counter, making it easier to stow away when not in use.


However, backless stools aren’t always the most comfortable to sit on, especially for long periods. If that’s your goal, you might opt for a stool with arms and backrests. Even better, an upholstered stool is cushioned and comfortable, making it ideal for long-term sitting. For a more fancy design, you can go for stools with a swivel function or one with adjustable height.


What’s It Made Of?

Like every other piece of furniture, you must consider the material your stool is made of. The type of material determines your stool’s style, durability, and functionality. For instance, wooden stools are solid and versatile but tend to be heavy or bulky. On the other hand, metal stools have a sleek silhouette, making them suitable for kitchens with limited space. Stools made from wicker or rattan materials are lightweight and are perfect if your kitchen has a minimalist casual design.


Consider Function

The main factor that should influence which stool style or design you should go for is the likely functionality. Basically, consider how you’re likely to use the kitchen stool and pick a design that best suits that function. For instance, an upholstered stool might be better if your kitchen also doubles as a dining area. People with kids may find backless stools unsafe and comfortable, but this type of stool might be better if you have limited space in your kitchen. Just make sure you think deeply about the likely function of the stool and pick a stool that works.









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