For those in need of a little inspiration – with a side of escapism – Fauchon l’Hotel Paris’s Grand Cafe Fauchon is pleased to share its delicious Truffle Pasta Riso recipe.

Pasta riso: 80g
Butter: 60g
White onions: 40g
White wine: 30g
Fine salt: 12g
Ground white pepper: 5g
Vegetable broth: 1 litre
Spring onion: 1 bunch
Mascarpone: 30g
Vegetable milk (or soy or almond alternatives if required): ¼ litre
Black melanosporum truffle: 6g (chopped and shavings)
Old Comté (preferably aged for 14 months) : 6g
Fleur de sel (flower of salt): 2g
Chervil (or small chard shoots of French parsley or watercress): 3g
Fauchon olive oil (or any good olive oil you may already have at home): 2g


French Truffle Pasta Riso Recipe

French Truffle Pasta Riso Recipe


1. Cooking the riso
– Chop the white onions and sweat them in butter without colouring
– Add the riso and coat in the fat, as you would for a risotto
– Season with fine salt and pepper
– Add the hot vegetable broth and gradually cook the risotto (for approximately 11 mins)
– Drain the pasta rice, reserving the cooking broth

– Once cooked, spread the riso in a plate and fork it lightly to cool it. Top tip: this avoids the pastas sticking


Preparing the spring onion:
– Chop the white and the green of the spring onion finely

– To prepare the truffle, peel and keep the trimmings
– Finely chop the trimmings
– Mandolin the prepared truffle and carve 5 regular shavings

2. Second stage with the Vegetable broth
– Reduce the reserved vegetable broth by half by simmering
– Add the milk of your choice and 30 gr of butter, bringing it to a simmer and cook for approximately 3 minutes
– Adjust the seasoning to your liking and then mix together with the cooked pasta rice. Remove from the heat. Top tip: the riso must be smooth
– Cut the Comté cheese into fine slices and then triangles Top tip: do not slice them too thick or they will not melt evenly

3. Finishing the riso
– Add the chopped spring onion, chopped truffle, mascarpone and adjust the seasoning
– Place the riso in a deep plate and scatter the truffle and old Comté shavings in the center. Then add the chervil / parsley / watercress according to availability and season with olive oil

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