Feel like replicating Kempinski Hotel Muscat’s famous Dahi Ke Kabab?  Here is your chance, with a recipe straight from the hotel itself.


Kempinski Hotel Muscat’s Award Winning North Indian Restaurant, Bukhara is impeccably designed to reflect the heritage and culture of India with a contemporary twist.

Best served with mint or tamarind chutney. Bukara’s Dahi ke kabab is a melt in the mouth vegetarian kabab recipe, is easy and quick to prepare

and will transport you to Northern India.


Vegetarian Dahi ke Kabab with Tamarind Chutney


150 Grams Yoghurt

50 Grams Cottage cheese

60 Grams Processed cheese

5 Grams Salt

3 Grams Black Salt

5 Grams Chopped Green Chilly

5 Grams Chopped Ginger

40 Grams Chopped Onions

10 Grams Chopped Brown Onion

10 Grams Fresh coriander Roots

3 Grams Cumin seeds Roasted

15 Grams Roasted Gram Flour

15 Grams Refined Flour

Bread crumbs for coating




Take yoghurt and hang over night in a cheese cloth.

To make dahi kebab, take paneer and processed cheese and grate them finely.

Add chopped brown onion, onion, ginger, green chilly deseed, coriander roots and mix them together.

Add roasted cumin seeds with salt and black salt, mix hung curd and add roasted gram flour according to the binding required.

Make even balls of the mixture and dip them in a flour mixture and add them to breadcrumbs 

Deep fry them until they turn golden brown.



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